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What We Believe

Paradise Bible Fellowship Church is one of 60+ Bible Fellowship churches in America and Mexico. The Bible Fellowship Church (BFC) has a statement of faith and order to declare with clarity and precision its faith and testimony to the glory of God.

The BFC embraces Reformed Theology (the doctrines of grace) and believer’s baptism.

Please check out the complete Faith & Order of the Bible Fellowship Church here.

The BFC acknowledges as its sole Head, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of man. It submits to the written Word of God and to the Holy Spirit as its only sources of guidance and power in maintaining its redemptive life and work in the world.

The BFC has adopted the Faith and Order (F&O) not in substitution for but in subordination to the Word of God. The BFC acknowledges as brethren all those who share its confession of faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.