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Messing with the Message Series Messing with the Message

Galatians 1:6-10 -Pastor Jesse Benack

A Rescue Religion Series A Rescue Religion

Galatians 1:1-5 -Pastor Jesse Benack

Jesus and Us Series Jesus and Us

John 21
Easter- April 16, 2017
Pastor Dave Peters

Thomas, Jesus, and Us Series Thomas, Jesus, and Us

John 20:24-29
April 9, 2017
Pastor Dave Peters



Finding Rest and Freedom in the True Gospel

The Apostles, Jesus, and Us

The Gospel of John informs us of several of Jesus' closest followers who failed Him miserably.


The book of Daniel reveals the sovereignty of God over the rise and fall of nations and world leaders.

Moving Forward

How do we move forward in our relationship with God? The Lord has graciously given us several means which help us grow in our faith.


The book of Jonah reveals God's power and compassion, but also points to God's Son.


Why do bad things happen to us? God answered this question in the book of Job.


Luke records an orderly and accurate account of the life of Jesus so that the followers of Jesus can know that what we believe is true.

1 Peter

Salvation's Glories Give the Saved God's Grace to Successfully Serve

Mission and Missions

State of the Church Messages and Missionaries who share their ministry with us


The book of Psalms is the "song-book" of the Old Testament. These songs tell us a lot about God.

Guest Speakers

We periodically have missionaries or other pastors come and share a message with us. We share them with you here.

Why Did Jesus Come?

At Christmas we usually look at "Baby Jesus." But Jesus made it clear throughout His life that He came to earth with a specific purpose.