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Man Up Series Man Up

2 Thessalonians 3:6-15
October 22, 2017
Pastor Dave Peters

Keep Fighting Series Keep Fighting

2 Thessalonians 3:1-5
October 15, 2017
Pastor Dave Peters

#Blessed #BlessOthers Series #Blessed #BlessOthers

2 Thessalonians 2:13-17
September 24, 2017
Pastor Dave Peters

You Can't Miss It Series You Can't Miss It

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12
September 10, 2017
Pastor Dave Peters


2 Thessalonians

After hearing back from the Thessalonians, Paul wrote to them again and gave further clarifications which are helpful to us today.

1 Thessalonians

What does it look like to have faith in the middle of trouble? Check out the Thessalonians, and you will have a better idea.

The Apostles, Jesus, and Us

The Gospel of John informs us of several of Jesus' closest followers who failed Him miserably.

Christmas Presents

God gives the greatest gifts. In this series we consider four of God's great gifts to us.


The book of Daniel reveals the sovereignty of God over the rise and fall of nations and world leaders.

Moving Forward

How do we move forward in our relationship with God? The Lord has graciously given us several means which help us grow in our faith.

Christmas In Isaiah

Seven hundred years before Jesus came to earth, the prophet Isaiah informed God's people of what would happen. In this series, we look at t


The book of Jonah reveals God's power and compassion, but also points to God's Son.


Why does the resurrection of Jesus matter? The answer goes back a long time before Jesus, but continues to impact us today.


Why do bad things happen to us? God answered this question in the book of Job.


Luke records an orderly and accurate account of the life of Jesus so that the followers of Jesus can know that what we believe is true.


The final book of the Old Testament challenged God's people not to devolve into formal worship, but to genuinely worship and follow God.

1 Peter

Salvation's Glories Give the Saved God's Grace to Successfully Serve

Mission and Missions

State of the Church Messages and Missionaries who share their ministry with us


The book of Psalms is the "song-book" of the Old Testament. These songs tell us a lot about God.

Guest Speakers

We periodically have missionaries or other pastors come and share a message with us. We share them with you here.

Why Did Jesus Come?

At Christmas we usually look at "Baby Jesus." But Jesus made it clear throughout His life that He came to earth with a specific purpose.

1 Samuel

Transitions: we all make transitions in life- but the nation of Israel went through huge changes in the book of 1 Samuel.

The Faithful Church

The Bible reveals how Jesus' followers are to follow Him. This series explores some of the instructions that are given to churches. We seek to be a church…


In this letter, the apostle Paul continually showed how this local church was a blessing to the world through their participation in missionary work.